Monday, August 8, 2011

I'ts been awhile

First off I want to thank you all who took time to follow me and check my writings a friend has inspired me to return and I hope it blesses u as I continue forward in God.

I have been through alot if I was to try and explain to you it would take a million blogs :) my walk with God has struggled for a time I thought I wouldn't make it that there was just too much going on. Now I sit here with a understanding that lif is not like a bowl of cherries. There is a time in God when your soaring high and then when you ask for elevation when you ask for that double anointing be prepared to GO THROUGH! I have fallen under pressure many times not wanting to have to face the enemy because the attacks were so strong! But my spirit man cries for more of God. So what did I have to understand? That it's time to grow up andface the enemy head on! and this time not back up! Be encouraged saints we are going to always be in a test the question is will we fold? or will we pass? God is always with you no matter what it feels like ahe loves u and yes me :) be blessed!

Lakisha Latham

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